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I hereby appoint MR SUNG UG (Andrew) AN – SHINWOO ACCOUNTING BRISBANE PTY LTD (the attorney, registered tax agent number 24699619, ABN 29 166 412 344) of 829 Beenleigh Road Runcorn QLD 4113 to be my attorney. My attorney may act as my legal representative for all matters in relation to my Income tax return and Superannuation claim on my behalf, and anything that I may lawfully authorise an authority to do. The power of attorney may exercise the authority conferred on my attorney as set out below:

A) Receive and inspect confidential taxation information with respect to Australian income taxation and superannuation; and

B) Request and receive from my employer(s) any Payment Summaries, statement of earnings, superannuation details or TFN; and

C) Obtain information from any superannuation fund of which I, the principal, may be a member in relation to any benefit to which I may be entitled. I also give permission for Mr Sung Ug (Andrew) An – SHINWOO ACCOUNTING BRISBANE PTY LTD to change of address on receiving any document relating to my super or tax to 829 Beenleigh Road Runcorn QLD 4113; and

D) Sign any agreements, consents or other documents (including tax return forms, amendment forms, objection forms, medicare entitlement statement forms, superannuation claim forms, DASP request and any form that requires me to validate any documents) required to facilitate the payment of any taxes or superannuation benefits; and

E) Deposit any tax refund or superannuation refund cheque or monies proceeds into the bank of my representative for the purpose of applying the whole or a part of it in payment of ant bills for Professional fees and disbursements that has been rendered; and

F) Claim from Australian Taxation Office that has collected any superannuation contributions from my previous employer; and

G) Any cancellation is charged 30% of initial payment

This power of attorney begins immediately and shall remain in full force and effect until the completion on my taxation and superannuation affairs.

I agree to and accept the terms and conditions of service as written online at and to any changes in the terms and conditions which SHINWOO ACCOUNTING BRISBANE PTY LTD may affect from time to time.

I declare that the information provided to Mr Sung Ug (Andrew) An for preparation of the document is true and correct.

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