Hello Tax is officially recognised by the Australian Government as a Tax service provider. As a subsidiary of Shin Woo Accounting, tax expert teams act as agents for residents, students and working holiday visa holders for tax and superannuation refunds. As a specialised tax and superannuation return service provider, Hello Tax focuses on accuracy, speed, convenience and reliability.

  • The fastest return
  • The lowest fee charged
  • Easy refund
  • Maximum refund
  • The most reliable refund
  • Relationship with other service providers

Hello Tax follows the Australian Taxation Law and promises to offer the best possible service.



The fastest return

We have organised a team who is fully responsible for our clients. In order to offer the fastest service, we cooperate with the ATO and approximately 300 other representatives of superannuation firms.

The lowest fee charged

We have simplified the complicated refund process and provide a high quality service with a low service fee which other companies cannot provide.

Easy refund

We run the best network system that helps check the process of refunds anytime and anywhere online as well as offline.

Maximum refund

In line with taxation law changes every year, our accounting team does not allow a single mistake, and the team guarantees the maximum refund through our customised service.

The most reliable refund

Our professional accountants provide services in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. We are officially recognised by the ATO, and we practise with our know-how which has been accumulated over many years of experience.

Relationship with other service providers

We provide fast service in collecting information and documents by cooperating with regional employers, superannuation firms and the ATO.