Privacy Policy

Hello Tax regards all clients’ personal information very important and follows the “Promotion of utilizing Information Network Information Security” law.

Through policies dealing with personal information, clients can find out how their personal information is used and what measures are taken to ensure personal information security.

This measure will be enforced from the 1st of October, 2010.

Personal information collection method: Hello Tax will use personal information collected for Membership Registration which was done via our homepage (Membership Registration, Applying for Individual Tax Return, Applying for Superannuation Refund), written form or phone/fax for the following purposes.

Membership Administration

After membership services such as identification verification, personal identification, prevention of unlawful usage of members, delivery of notification details.

Data have been attained lawfully all relevant information is destroyed without delay. However, if according to the applicable law information needs to be preserved Hello Tax will preserve member information in accordance to the following relations law.

Preserved Item: Name, Date of Birth, Sex, Login ID, Password, Mobile Phone No., Email Address, Service Usage Record

Preservation Evidence: Credit Information Usage and Legislation in relation to Protection of Information

Preservation Period: 5 years

Hello Tax, following relevant legislation will destroy personal information immediately after accomplishing relevant purposes. Information destruction procedures and methods are as the following.

Information Destruction Procedure

Information you have inserted for membership registration will be transferred to a separate DB (in cases of paper documents, filed separately). In accordance to internal policy and other relevant law, for purposes of information security (refer to preservation and usage period) information will be destroyed after a specified period of time.

Personal information that is not transferred to a separate DB (Database) will not be used for other purposes, unless the law requires it to be used.

Information Destruction Method

- Personal information in the form of electronic files will be destroyed through a technique prevents the information to be reclaimed.

Hello Tax, in accordance to the relevant law does not provide personal information to any external parties. However there are exceptions as the following.

- In cases where clients have agreed in advance

- Hello Tax in cases where investigative agency requests your personal information on the basis of investigation purposes and other relevant legislation do not give out your information without your agreement.

We will request an approval from you in advance before any action is taken.

Hereafter, if such action is required, we will notify you details of the agency seeking the information and their purposes.

To check or modify personal information of clients or children less than 14 years of age click “Personal Information Modification” (or “Member Information Modification”). To de-register your membership click “Membership De-registration.”

You can also contact personal information administrator in writing, through email or phone and measures will be taken without any delay.

In cases where a request of personal information amendment is made, information will not be used or provided until the amendment has been completed. Also, in cases where wrong information has been provided to a third party, notification will be sent and modification will be made without any delay.

Hello Tax will handle clients’ or proxy’s requested de-registered or deleted personal information in accordance to personal information preservation and usage period. It will not be used for any other purposes.

Hello Tax saves clients information regularly and administers found ‘cookies.’ Cookies are where small text files that are sent from homepage user’s server gets saved in your computer hard disk.

Hello Tax uses cookies for the following reasons.

Cookie Usage Purposes

- You can choose to install cookie for target marking, personal customization services as it comprehends member and non-members’ analysis of access frequency or time, user’s preference and areas of interest, tracing, participation of events.

Therefore, depending on how you set up your web browser options, you can allow all cookies, confirm every time when allowing cookies or reject the saving of cookies altogether.

Cookie refusal set up method.

For example: To refuse usage of cookies, you can set up your web browser options to allow all cookies, confirm every time when allowing cookies or reject the saving of cookies altogether.

Set up Method Example: (In cases of Internet Explorer): Tools on your web browser > Internet Option > Personal Information

However, if you have refused cookies altogether it will be difficult to provide the services mentioned above.

Customer Support Centre contact details and Business hours are as follows

- Company Name: Hello Tax (

- Address: 829 Beenleigh Road Runcorn QLD 4113

- Phone Number: (07) 3148 - 8887

- Email:

- Business hours: Monday to Friday, 09:30-17:30 (except on public holidays, weekends)