The Hello Tax team takes care of all tax returns accurately and efficiently.

The Australian taxation method is called the PAY AS YOU GO system, where your employer withholds the amount of tax you owe to the ATO when wages are paid. Also employers must issue a LAST PAYSLIP and PAYG PAYMENT SUMMARY at the end of each financial year or upon resignation of employees, as Australian tax return applications are based on this information.

The compulsory reporting period for general tax returns is from 01 / July to 31 / October. A general tax return will take about 5 to 10 business days at the ATO. Those who leave Australia and go back to their home country before the end of the financial period are able to apply for a tax return by early tax return application. This will take about 4 to 6 weeks at the ATO.

With Hello Tax, you can lodge your old tax returns that you have missed.

Tax return application is available via one of your preferred methods, which include online, visit, email or phone call.

Tax Return Progress Easy 4 Step

Step 1

Submit the online application.

Step 2

Receive and check the estimated tax return amount and service charge. If needed, we will ask you to provide documents needed for your tax return.

Step 3

Once we receive your payment, we will lodge your tax return with the ATO.

Step 4

Once completed, the ATO will transfer your return amount directly into your nominated bank account. Then, your tax return is finalised.